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microDIMM to Excel Convertor

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microDIMM to Excel Convertor

  1. Choose WF name for micro-DIMM:
    logicMonitor01: Bits23-0
    powerMonitor01: RMS(t):L1-L2
    powerMonitor01: RMS(t):L1-L3
    powerMonitor01: RMS(t):L2-L3
    powerMonitor01: Raw(t):L1-L2
    powerMonitor01: Raw(t):L1-L3
    powerMonitor01: Raw(t):L2-L3
    logicMonitor02: Bits23-0
    powerMonitor02: RMS(t):L1-L2
    powerMonitor02: RMS(t):L1-L3
    powerMonitor02: RMS(t):L2-L3
    powerMonitor02: Raw(t):L1-L2
    powerMonitor02: Raw(t):L1-L3
    powerMonitor02: Raw(t):L2-L3
    logicMonitor03: Bits23-0
    powerMonitor03: RMS(t):L1-L2
    powerMonitor03: RMS(t):L1-L3
    powerMonitor03: RMS(t):L2-L3
    powerMonitor03: Raw(t):L1-L2
    powerMonitor03: Raw(t):L1-L3
    powerMonitor03: Raw(t):L2-L3
  2. Select from (m/d/y h:min:sec):

  3. Select to      (m/d/y h:min:sec):
  4. Finally press this button:

For the our common DESY-EPICS waveform-data to excel convertor see our next web-page


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